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3mensio Vascular

This product is for: Business Partners Clinicians/Researchers

  • Overview

    3mensio Vascular™ offers Vascular specialists a quick, easy and reliable way to prepare for endovascular interventions, based on CTA images.

    Only one click is necessary to segment the vessel. The centre line is detected automatically and can be easily adjusted by the user.

    Usability is key

    • Import CTA images from CD, DVD, USB or connect to PACS
    • Workflow assistants for AAA, TAA and peripheral arteries
    • Dedicated planning for fenestrated stents
    • Views designed for diameter and length measurements
    • Pre-op assessment of neck angulations, vessel tortuosity and calcifications
    • Clock position view for renal arteries
    • Angio view to determine the optimal C-arm position
    • Integrated report and sizing sheets from major manufacturers

  • Import / Export

    3mensio Vascular™ accepts DICOM CTA, US and XA files from various sources such as CD, DVD, USB or from a PACS connection. It is also possible to import secondary captures from these various sources.

    3mensio Vascular™ exporting possibilities include:

    • Export an interactive report to your iPAD
    • Export CTA files as DICOM files
    • Export report as DICOM file
    • Export report as PDF file
    • Export report and screenshots to PACS
    • Export screenshots as JPEG, BMP or TIFF file
    • Export 3D movies as AVI file

  • PACS

    3mensio  is suitable for standalone use on off the shelf computers. PACS connection can be established easily.

    Connecting 3mensio with PACS allows you to pull DICOM files from the PACS into the 3mensio software. After the analysis the DICOM files, including the report, will be pushed back into the PACS. 

    Command line interface

    For integration with DICOM Viewers, 3mensio has a command line interface which is easy to use. Within the DICOM Viewer, code must be developed to call the analysis by issuing a command line. On request, Pie Medical Imaging will provide the information on the available command line strings and how to use them.

    In the viewer, the user selects images to analyze with 3mensio. These images will be sent to 3mensio. Additional images can be added by the DICOM Viewer in a later stage.

  • LicensingThe software can be licensed for a single user on a specific workstation or for multiple concurrent users over the institution’s network.

  • Results

    Results from the vascular analysis are stored easily in the report with one mouse click.

    The report can be viewed at any stage during the vascular analysis. Typical results are:

    • Diameter and length Measurements
    • Vessel diameter analysis with regard to catheter diameter
    • Visualization of calcification
    • Angulation of neck versus aneurysm and iliac angulation
    • Similated angioview to determine optimal c-arm rotation
    • Completely filled out sizing sheet from major stent vendors
    • Dedicated planning for fenestrated stents: schematics of the clock positions, heigths and diameters of the fenestrations

    Complement the report with your own comments.