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Co-registration of IVUS/OCT data with angiography

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Co-register real time between angiography and IVUS/OCT with IV-LINQ to obtain a detailed view of the lesion and its exact location in the coronary tree.
By using just two angiograms (one with and one without contrast), co-registration can be performed with every IVUS or OCT system.
Key Results:
  • Co-registered view between angiogram and IVUS/OCT pullback
  • Stent landing zone planned on IVUS/OCT pullback visualized on angiogram
  • Add bookmarks to indicate vessel sections
Key product features
  • Real-time co-registration of angiography with IVUS and OCT
  • Vendor independent: runs with almost every X-ray, IVUS and OCT system
  • Bookmarks indicated on IVUS/OCT pullbacks are visualized on the angiogram


  • Future Directions: HD IVUS, Micro-CT, Hybrid Catheters and more. Akiko Maehara. Presented at TCT 2015
  • Carlier SG, Didday R, Slots TLB, Kayaert P, Sonck J, El-Mourad M, Preumont N, Schoors D, Van Camp G, A new method for realtime co-registration of 3-D coronary angiography and intravascular ultrasound or optical coherence tomography, Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine (2014)

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