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  • vFFR

    Caas vFFR calculates the pressure drop in coronary vessels without the need of a pressure wire. The vFFR module builds a 3D reconstruction of two angiograms and assesses pressure drop, resulting in a vFFR value.

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  • Aortic Valve 

    The 3mensio Aortic Valve workflow provides a quick, easy and reliable way to plan and size for aortic valve replacement. The intuitive workflow assistant guides the user through the CT image analysis to obtain the needed measurements.

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  • Qardia

    Complete analysis and reporting of 2D transthoracic echocardiography studies using just your web browser!

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We provide cardiovascular image analysis solutions which assist the medical professional to improve patient treatment.

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Caas Qardia 2.0 release


Pie Medical Imaging is pleased to announce the inclusion of 500 patients in the vFFR FASTIII trial!


The innovative software CAAS vFFR by Pie Medical Imaging is the subject of FAST III, a multicenter European clinical trial