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Caas Qardia

Complete work-up of your 2D Echocardiography data

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Complete work-up of your echocardiography exams
Caas Qardia facilitates a complete and quantitative assessment of 2D transthoracic echocardiography studies. Caas Qardia is operated via your web browser; perform streamlined echo analysis from any laptop or PC within the hospital / institutional network. Flexible and ready for telemedicine! 
Customize Caas Qardia to fit your preferred work-up
Caas Qardia allows you to create customized catalogs of measurements containing the analyses you require. Multiple custom catalogs may be created, for example based on your center’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) for a specific clinical indication or patient group.
Myocardial strain analysis
Our validated myocardial strain workflow allows you to obtain the best assessment of global and regional cardiac wall mechanics. Category 1 CPT code +93356 for reimbursement available in USA.
Quality control indices
Foreshortening of the heart’s views negatively affects functional measurements including myocardial strain. Caas Qardia aims to counteract this frequently unnoticed phenomenon by providing to the user quality control indices. This functionality may give the user feedback on the appropriateness of the data.
Unique deployment options
Being the world’s first true web browser-based echo analysis solution, Caas Qardia leverages ease of use as well as versatility. Perform all of your echo analyses from at home or anywhere within your institution, no local Caas Qardia installation required. Note: Caas Qardia can also be used as a classical standalone application.
Key results
  • Ejection fraction and ventricular volumes
  • Global and regional myocardial strain
  • Diastolic function
  • Valvular function
  • Cardiac dimensions
  • Stress echo viewing
Key product features

Key product features

  • Seamless playback and review of echo clips
  • Create and customize your preferred measurement SOPs
  • Assess your patient’s myocardial strain, ejection fraction and cardiac volumes in a guided manner
  • Comprehensive reporting and export options available
  • Feedback on appropriateness of the images by quality control indices

Client-server solution, no local installation required. Runs on a web browser


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Why choose us?

We always aim to improve the quality and efficiency of cardiovascular image analysis to optimize patient treatment. To realize this, we:

  • Provide fast and user-friendly software;
  • Align our product portfolio with the latest developments in the cardiovascular field. In this way we aim to provide our customers with the optimal software solution at the right time;
  • Offer training options which can be tailored to your needs.

We believe in the importance of training and support to assure that all our users are proficient and comfortable with their analysis. Please visit our Training & Support page for more information.