The CAAS brand offers a broad product range for diagnosis and planning of treatment of coronary arteries, heart chambers and peripheral vessels in X-ray, MRI, IVUS and OCT images.


The 3mensio brand offers a broad product range for the planning of procedures, sizing and visualization in CT images.

Our company

Pie Medical Imaging (PMI), develops and markets software for diagnosis and planning of treatment, guidance and quantitative analysis of cardiovascular medical images. PMI’s mission is to improve the quality of cardiovascular diagnostics and interventions by providing innovative and easy to use software solutions with accurate and reproducible results.

Pie Medical Imaging is market leader in cardiovascular analysis software for cardiology and radiology and is well known for its Cardiovascular Angiographic Analysis System (CAAS) and 3mensio products. The CAAS and 3mensio brands offer a broad product range for the analysis of X-ray, CT, MRI, IVUS and OCT images.

Pie Medical Imaging develops and sells software to medical device vendors, PACS companies and research institutions. PMI’s products are also available as OEM products and sold under their own brand names. As a market leader PMI’s software is integrated in a majority of the cardiology cathlabs all over the world.


EBC TWO study successfully completed with CAAS QCA for bifurcation, October 24th, 2016

The EBC TWO study, a large multicenter trial, has compared provisional T-stenting with a 2 stent strategy. All core lab analysis was performed using the dedicated bifurcation analysis in CAAS QCA. The publication authored by Dr. Hildick-Smith can be found here: Circ Cardiovasc Interv. 2016;9:e003643.

NASCI & ESCR, October 13th, 2016

Pie Medical Imaging will present the latest developments on CAAS MR 4D Flow / MRV and 3mensio Structural Heart at NASCI conference in Baltimore and ESCR conference in Krakow. CAAS MR 4D Flow is specifically designed for 3D/4D visualization and quantification of blood flow in arteries, valves and ventricles. At NASCI and ESCR we will […]


Name Place Date
TCT Washington DC, USA Oct 29 - Nov 2
RSNA Chicago, USA Nov 27 - Dec 2
SCMR Washington DC Feb 1-4, 2017