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Mitral Valve

Easy planning for both mitral valve repair and mitral valve replacement

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The Mitral Valve is a complex 3D structure. Mitral regurgitation can be treated by replacing the native valve (TMVR) or by repairing the native valve (TMVr). Planning for both types of procedures can be done using the 3mensio Mitral Valve workflow. With a single click we orientate on the mitral annulus. We can do an assisted mitral annulus trace to understand the 3D shape and dimensions of the annulus.

Additional features have been developed specifically to plan for replacement or repair. Relationships with surrounding structures like the Aortic Valve and Coronary Vessels can quickly be assessed. An easy comparison between the ED and ES phase can be performed. The approach route can be assessed using either the Transseptal or Direct Access approach module.

Key Results

  • Dynamic visualization of mitral valve, left ventricle and left atrium
  • Dimensions of Mitral Valve
  • Optimal C-arm angle
  • Anatomical relations between interatrial septum, LAA ostium, mitral annulus and/or vena cava
  • Volume of the left atrium or ventricle


  • Aortic-Mitral Angle
  • Assessment of the neo-LVOT
  • Device placement using Virtual Device


  • Distance annulus and coronary vessels
  • Assessment of anchor positions
Key product features
  • PACS connectivity
  • Easily trace mitral annulus and evaluate the complexity
  • Dedicated anchoring workflow (for repair methods)
  • Transapical and Transseptal approach route modules
  • .STL import




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