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Pulmonary Valve

Quick and easy planning of Percutaneous Pulmonary Valve Implantation (PPVI) procedures

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Congenital Heart Disease is a defect in the heart that is present at birth. In a group of these patients the pulmonary valve does not function properly and the valve needs to be replaced. As a prosthetic valve only has a limited lifespan these valve needs to be replaced a number of times during a life. To make the procedure less invasive Percutaneous Pulmonary Valve Implantation (PPVI) has been developed. 3mensio Pulmonary Valve is a dedicated workflow to plan PPVI. The automatic segmentation gives a quick overview of the patient’s anatomy. Different features enable the assessment of the surrounding structures and the planning of a stent and valve.

Key Results

  • Dimensions of the Pulmonary Trunk and Pulmonary Arteries
  • Dimensions in ED and ES phase
  • Relationship between Pulmonary Trunk and Coronary Arteries
  • Device placement using Virtual Device
  • Optimal C-arm position
Key product features
  • PACS connectivity
  • Automatic segmentation of Pulmonary Trunk and Arteries
  • Virtual Stent and Valve
  • Easy reporting


  • Malone L et al. Preprocedural Risk Assessment prior to PPVI with CMR and Cardiac CT. Pediatric Cardiology (2017) 38, 746-753

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