Workshop by Dr. Dan-Linh Nguyen @MVM: CT planning for TMVR and Mitral Repair

At MVM, Pie Medical Imaging will demonstrate together with CT planning specialist Dr. Dan-Linh Nguyen, the benefits and ease of use of planning your heart valve therapy using 3mensio Structural Heart.

Trans-catheter mitral valve implantation strongly relies on pre-procedural imaging. Therefore, the assessment of mitral annular dimensions by cross-sectional imaging such as CT is of increasing relevance. When planning structural heart procedures, anatomical sizing but also visual anatomical assessments are important for using the right device and making the correct decisions. In addition to the valvular information it is important to assess the approach towards the valve.

Besides Mitral valve implantation also mitral valve repair nowadays relies on pre-procedural planning with CT. Depending on the device, anatomical information such as coronary distance towards the annulus or anatomical relationship of the coronary sinus towards the mitral annulus is of great importance for planning but also inclusion of patients for certain therapies.

Interested to see how 3mensio Structural Heart will streamline your valve therapy workflow, visit our workshop (nr. 19) on Sunday the 25th at MVM and visit our booth.

Full house MR 4D Flow breakfast session

During CMR 2018 Pie Medical Imaging organized a breakfast session dedicated to MR 4D Flow. The following topics were adressed: aqcuisition, research and clinical application. The topics resulted in full house meeting with great presentations and discussions on MR 4D Flow. A great thanks to Dr. Garg, Dr. Bissel, Dr. Roest and Dr. Westenberg for […]

Joint partnership between Pie Medical Imaging and Siemens Healthineers Syngo.Via

PRESS RELEASE Bringing advanced cardiac applications to clinicians worldwide, a joint partnership between Pie Medical Imaging and Siemens Healthineers Syngo.Via   Maastricht December 14th, 2017- Siemens Healthineers and Pie Medical Imaging joined forces to accelerate imaging- and analysis software availability in hospitals when and where it is needed. This collaboration, announced at the 2017 Radiological […]

Join our 3mensio workshops @ PCR Chengdu Valves

At this year’s PCR Chengdu Valves Pie Medical Imaging will host several workshops on MSCT pre-procedural planning for TAVI/TAVR using the 3mensio software. Please join us if you want to learn everything to know about planning a TAVI/TAVR procedure. We look forward seeing you in Chengdu!

Visit us at TCT 2017 to see CAAS vFFR

At this year’s TCT conference Pie Medical Imaging will unveil its new vFFR application. The vFFR application will be part of one of PMI’s flagship products: CAAS Workstation. Based on years of expertise CAAS vFFR features angiographically derived calculation of pressure drop and vFFR value. Using an intuitive and simple workflow, using just two angiograms, […]

Transcatheter mitral valve-in-valve

MSCT planning is essential for transcatheter mitral valve replacement. Dr Guerrero, Dr. Feldman and colleages have presented an in-depth publication on how to perform transseptal transcatheter mitral valve-in-valve: A step by step guide from preprocedural planning to postprocedural care. 3mensio Structural Heart is featured for all MSCT imaging. Please read it here: Catheterization & Cardiovascular […]


On October 7th and 8th we will be present at the Asia Pacific Congenital and Structural Symposium. On Saturday we will facilitate multiple workshops on MSCT sizing for TAVR, Mitral and LAA closure. For a detailed program click here. We look forward seeing you in Hong Kong!

PCRLondonValves 2017

Pie Medical Imaging was present at PCRLondonValves 2017. We showcased the latest version (9.0) of 3mensio Structural Heart with has impressive new features. Additionally the OPTIMISE investigators (Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, Catharina Hospital Eindhoven, Segeberger Kliniken Bad Segeberg, Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, Eindhoven University of Technology, Imperial College London and Cardialysis) presented on the validation […]

Looking back to a great CSI meeting!

Pie Medical Imaging was present at CSI 2017 in Frankfurt. We organized and facilitated multiple workshops on pre-operative planning of TAVR, Mitral valve and LAA closure using 3mensio. Special thanks to Dr. Hasan Jilaihawi for presenting. See you all next year in Frankfurt!

We are hiring!

We are hiring at both our Maastricht and Bilthoven locations. For an overview of our current vacancies please click here: VACANCIES.