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MRI analysis for animal research

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Caas MRV FARM (Magnetic Resonance Ventricular analysis For Animal Research Measurements) supports researchers in the quantitative analysis of the function and viability of the heart and myocardial perfusion of cardiac MR exams.

The American Heart Association (AHA) 17 segment model is supported for all result types. Results are available in graphs, bulls’ eyes and tables and include ejection fraction, end diastolic and end systolic volumes, myocardial mass, and wall characteristics. Also the infarct volume and transmurality can be quantified, just as time-intensity curve parameters related to perfusion.

Key product features
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and manual segmentation of left and right ventricle
  • Segmentation of endo-, epicardial and papillary contours
  • Automatic infarct detection within the viability module
  • Breathing motion correction within the perfusion module


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  • Kirschbaum SW, Baks T, Gronenschild EH, Aben JP, Weustink AC, Wielopolski PA, Krestin GP, De Feyter PJ, Van Geuns RJM. Addition of the Long-Axis Information to Short-Axis Contours Reduces Interstudy Variability of Left-Ventricular Analysis in Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Studies. Investigative Radiology 2008; 43(1):1-6


Why choose us?

We always aim to improve the quality and efficiency of cardiovascular image analysis to optimize patient treatment. To realize this, we:

  • Provide fast and user-friendly software;
  • Align our product portfolio with the latest developments in the cardiovascular field. In this way we aim to provide our customers with the optimal software solution at the right time;
  • Offer training options which can be tailored to your needs.

We believe in the importance of training and support to assure that all our users are proficient and comfortable with their analysis. Please visit our Training & Support page for more information.