The brand CAAS has evolved from a product used in research, to a clinical product used around the globe.

Development of CAAS

Our initial activities in the field of quantitative analysis for cardiology and radiology started as cooperation with the Erasmus University Thorax Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This resulted in the first commercial version of CAAS QCA in 1984. Since then, our software has been used in large multi-center studies at first class research institutions in Europe, USA and Japan. CAAS is frequently referred to in scientific publications and has become the gold standard for quantitative analysis in cardiology.

Collaborations with manufacturers all over the world

After Pie Medical Imaging was founded in 1995, we established collaboration with leading X-ray manufacturers. Siemens, Philips and Toshiba integrated CAAS into their X-ray image acquisition systems. Later, CAAS was integrated into PACS by manufacturers all over the world.

Introducing new products

Over the years, CAAS has experienced a true evolution. In 1984, CAAS consisted of a PCP 11 minicomputer, early third generation software and special hardware to digitize X-ray films. Now, CAAS runs on a desktop computer, many products have been added to the X-ray product line and our offerings continue to expand. We now have MR and IVUS / OCT product lines and our excellent team is constantly working on the development of new CAAS programs.