Use this workflow to pre-plan Transcatheter Tricuspid Valve repair or replacement procedures

Determine the anatomy and dimensions of the patient’s tricuspid valve and surrounding tissue:

– Distances towards the RCA can be easily assessed

– Trabeculae can be segmented automatically and highlighted in the angio view. Possible interference of the device with trabeculae can assessed by implantation of a virtual device

– Segment the superior vena cava. Assess SVC dimensions such as diameter, area and lengths throughout the whole SVC

– Assess dimensions and lengths throughout the IVC e.g. dimensions at the transition level with the right atrium as well as the IVC at the level of the first hepatic vein. Visual feedback of the measurement in the angio view allows for optimal planning of the procedure.

See the presentation of Dr. Martin Swaans (during CSI Conference 2018) on how 3mensio tricuspid valve planning can help you (free to register): click here.