Prepare endovascular interventions quickly, easily and reliably with 3mensio Vascular™.

Easily determine the appropriate landing zone for treatment of abdominal aneurysms (EVAR), thoracic aneurysms (TEVAR) or placement of fenestrated stents (FEVAR). All relevant measurements (e.g. diameter, clock position, volumes and length) can be obtained via automatic detected centerline or 3D double oblique. Integrated manufacturer stent order sheets generate PDF files so specific stents can be easily ordered via e-mail.

Key Product Features

  • Dedicated planning for EVAR, TEVAR and FEVAR stents
  • Workflow views designed for all related measurements
  • Pre-op assessment of neck angulations, vessel tortuosity and calcifications
  • Clock position view for side branches
  • Angio view to determine the optimal C-arm position
  • Integrated report and sizing sheets from major manufacturers
  • Export of measurements to EVARPlanning.

Key Results

  • Angulation of neck versus aneurysm versus iliacs
  • Completely filled out sizing sheets from major stent vendors
  • Dedicated planning for fenestrated stents: schematics of the clock positions, heights and diameters of the fenestrations
  • Add custom comments to reports
  • Export an interactive report to an iPAD

Key Publications

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