The LAA workflow assistant helps quickly assess left atrial appendage shape and orientation to select the right device for your patient. The ring annotation helps to visualize and size the ostium level. The integrated Angio View can be very helpful for planning LAA procedures and to recognize the thrombus throughout the different views.

Key Product features

  • Assess and size the anatomical shape and orientation of the LAA in 3D and 2D
  • Understand the LAA within the surrounding structures (left atrium, aortic root and atrial septum)
  • Easy recognition of thrombus

For a live demonstration of 3mensio LAA, please click here.

Key Results

  • Visualization of the anatomical shape and orientation of the LAA in 3D
  • Diameters along the LAA and the ability to indicate the ostium of the LAA
  • Simulated angio view shows the angle of the C-arm for correct orientation of the ostium

Septal crossing

  • Visualization of cardiac structures in a simulated angio view
  • Anatomical relations between interatrial septum, LAA ostium, mitral annulus and/or vena cava

Key Publications

  • Jalal Z et al. Extending percutaneous left atrial appendage closure indications using the AMPLATZER™ Cardiac Plug device in patients with persistent left atrial appendage thrombus: The thrombus trapping technique. Archives of Cardiovascular diseases 2016.
  • Saw J et al. CT imaging for percutaneous LAA closure. Bookchapter Left Atrial Appendage Closure. Part of the series Contemporary Cardiology pp 117-132.
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