Prepare TAVR (or TAVI) interventions with 3mensio Structural Heart. The Aortic Root workflow provides a quick, easy and reliable way to plan and size for aortic valve replacement. The intuitive workflow assistant guides the user through the CT image analysis to obtain the needed measurements.
Dedicated workflows help the user to rapidly determine the appropriate access route for each patient; Transfemoral, Subclavian, Transapical or Direct Access.

Key Product Features

  • Annulus measurements in cross sectional views, coronary heights measurements
  • Calcification assessment through Hockey Puck
  • Determine the optimal C-arm angles by simulated angio view

Explore how you can use the 3mensio software in the following Live case demonstration:

Key Results

  • Diameter Measurements by area derived and perimeter derived annulus size
  • Height Measurements measured from annulus to coronary ostia
  • Calcium scoring

Femoral and Subclavian approach

  • Diameter assessment with Virtual Coin and diameter threshold
  • Calcification assessment by 3D and stretched vessel calcifications view
  • Tortuosity assessment

Apex approach and Direct access

  • Intercostal space with virtual catheter
  • Anterograde annulus entrance angle
  • Long axis LVOT view for septal wall visualization




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