About PMI

For more than 20 years, Pie Medical Imaging has been dedicated to efficient and effective quantitative analysis and visualization of medical images.
Backed by an extensive research and development department and in cooperation with major research groups, we develop state-of-the-art solutions for our customers around the world.


The mission of Pie Medical Imaging is to improve the quality of cardiovascular diagnostics and interventions by providing innovative and easy to use software solutions with accurate and reproducible analysis results.


Our activities in quantitative analysis software, with Cardiovascular Angiographic Analysis Systems (CAAS), started in 1984. In 1995, Pie Medical Imaging was founded to concentrate on the successful development and sales of quantitative analysis software.

In 1998, Pie Medical Imaging became part of the Esaote group. In 2011  3mensio Medical Imaging was acquired and Pie Medical Imaging took the responsibility to market the 3mensio product range next to its CAAS products.


Pie Medical Imaging develops and sells its products in accordance with internationally accepted standards and we are committed to maintain these standards. Pie Medical Imaging is also committed to consistently maintaining regulatory requirements in regions where the PMI products are sold.


The CAAS brand offers a broad product range for diagnosis and planning of treatment of coronary arteries, heart chambers and peripheral vessels in X-ray, MRI, IVUS and OCT images.


The 3mensio brand offers a broad product range for the planning of procedures, sizing and visualization in CT images.


PMI and 3mensio rely on talented and enthusiastic people. As we continue to expand our activities, we are constantly looking for highly-qualified professionals to strengthen our organization. Do you want to be part of an international team that builds on creativity? Do you want to thrive within an innovative and challenging company that uses the latest technologies and developments in the field?

Then we invite you to send your motivation letter and resume to career@pie.nl for opportunities at Pie Medical Imaging located in Maastricht. If you are a talented Software Developer or Software tester and you are interested in opportunities at 3mensio Medical Imaging located in Bilthoven, we invite you to send your motivation letter and resume to career@3mensio.com.


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