Regurgitation measurement with A-Valve qRA strongly correlated with golden standard MRI

Initial results from a study carried out at Royal Perth Hospital by Professor Carl Schultz and his team has demonstrated that measurement of aortic regurgitation via aortography (CAAS A-Valve qRA) is strongly correlated with the golden standard of cardiac MRI (Heart, Lung, Circulation 2015; S358). This study follows on a previous study demonstrating that use of A-Valve qRA may improve the reproducibly of AR assessment in the catheter laboratory (EuroIntervention 2014).

Separately, presented EuroPCR and Solaci 2015, a sub-analysis of the Brazilian TAVI registry has shown that analyzing solely the left ventricular outflow tract using videodensitometric assessment of aortic regurgitation (LVOT AR using CAAS A-Valve qRA) may potentially be predictive of 1 year mortality.

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CAAS A-Valve qRA