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Prepare your coronary procedures with the Coronary workflow

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Coronary CTA can help to assess the coronary artery tree for suspect coronary artery disease in radiology and cardiology. Segment and visualize a coronary artery by a one-click segmentation of the vessel. Quantify lesions by measuring the stenosis over the vessel.

Prepare your coronary procedures with the coronary workflow of 3mensio. The simulated angio view is an interactive tool which can be used to determine the optimal C-arm projection for treatment of the diseased part of the coronary artery. Foreshortening of the vessel is indicated by with a colour coding.

Calcium Scoring provides fast and easy quantification of calcifications in the coronary arteries. Classify calcifications with one click and obtain its Agatston score, volume and mass.

Key Results

Coronary Analysis

  • Segmentation of the coronary artery tree
  • Stenosis measurement
  • Simulated Angio View of the coronary artery tree
  • Lumen measurements

Calcium Scoring

  • Calcium volume, Agatston score and mass
Key product features
  • PACS connectivity
  • Simple centerline correction and labelling
  • Visualization of the coronary arteries with stretched and cross-sectional views
  • Reformatted image & series export: stretched, cross-section, heart and slice reconstruction


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  • Hoe J. CT coronary angiography of chronic total occlusions of the coronary arteries: how to recognize and evaluate and usefulness for planning percutaneous coronary interventions. Int J Cardiovasc Imaging 2009;25 Suppl 1:43-54

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