The 3D plug-in can be integrated in your viewer or PACS workstation to obtain a 3mensio 3D render engine. This control, hosted within your application, supports interactive use by the radiologist and creating reformatted series for later review.


TThe 3D Plug-in is available in 64/32 bit and uses the DirectX and the .net Framework (4.0). Integration in WPF application is seamless. Through DirectX we use your workstation’s 3D video hardware for optimal performance. The plug-in is quick to launch, uses little memory, and its User Interface can be tailored for your customers. This gives your workstation full control over the layout, appearance, and translation of the user interface.

Key Product Features

  • Visualization: MIP/AIP/MPR
  • Curved MPR/MIP/AIP
  • Slabbing and VOI
  • 3D volume rendering
  • Automated vessel extraction
  • Volume reduction (sculpting, automatic bone removal)
  • Reformatted image & series export
  • Fully customizable User Interface
  • Multi-language capability

Key Results

  • Measurements: distance, angles, etc
  • Centerline mode (manual)
  • Export capabilities: single image and reformatted series

This 3D plug-in is intended for integration, consequently there are no publications.