Pie Medical Imaging presents its newest developments in the field of structural heart disease at EuroPCR

Pie Medical Imaging expands its suite of solutions with two innovations that assist physicians in the treatment of Structural Heart diseases. The 3mensio Structural Heart LAA workflow is dedicated to planning of left atrial appendage closure procedures using CT images. CAAS A-Valve qRA provides quantification of aortic regurgitation, based on X-ray images. These innovations will be showcased at the EuroPCR in Paris, France, from the 21st to the 24th of May.

Boudewijn Verstraelen, Pie Medical Imaging’s CEO states:

“with these two additions to our Structural Heart software suite, we answer some of the most complicated questions physicians face.  We are the first to be able to quantify regurgitation after aortic valve replacement based on X-ray images in an accurate and reproducible way. The physician will be able to assess one of the key factors influencing the clinical outcome of the valve replacement. The LAA workflow provides physicians with all the information they need to visualize and plan left atrial appendage closure procedures. “

3mensio Structural Heart LAA

Pre-operative planning of left atrial appendage (LAA) closures is vital to ensure the quality of this treatment for atrial fibrillation. The 3mensio Structural Heart LAA workflow provides a fast assessment of the shape, size and orientation of the LAA in 3D, based on MSCT data. Various viewing tool assist in precise planning of the procedure.

CAAS A-Valve qRA

Scientific studies indicate that regurgitation after valve replacement has an effect on the long term clinical outcome. Thus, it is important to assess regurgitation directly after the procedure. Pie Medical Imaging has therefore developed the very first product that will visualize and quantify regurgitation on X-ray images.