Pie Medical Imaging first out to join Mentice’s Case-It certification program

Pie Medical Imaging first out to join Mentice’s Case-It certification program: “Segmentation to Simulation” simplifies patient-specific simulation.

Mentice, world leader in medical cardiovascular and endovascular simulation, today announced that Pie Medical Imaging will be the first company to join its VIST® Case-It “Segmentation to Simulation” certification program. VIST® Case-It lets users of Mentice’s

VIST® line of high-fidelity full-physics simulators easily import anatomy data from real patients to a simulator, using professional CT/MRI segmentation tools and standard hospital workflows. The technology allows physicians to rapidly and as part of their operation pre-planning create virtual patient cases, on which realistic operations can be practised in a safe, simulated environment.

To ensure flawless workflow integration and operation between third-party segmentation solutions and the VIST® medical simulators, Mentice has launched an open certification program for validating compatibility with the VIST® Case-It technology. Pie Medical Imaging is the first company to obtain this certification for their 3mensio Vascular segmentation suite and can now under the certification program offer verified compatibility with Mentice’s VIST® simulators.

“In the future we will undoubtedly continue to see medical simulation becoming more directly integrated into existing hospital workflows. With our exciting new VIST® Case-It technology physicians have the ability to themselves create patient-specific simulated cases using the industry standard segmentation tools they are already familiar with. We are extremely pleased to welcome Pie Medical Imaging to our certification program, their products are some of the most innovative and appreciated on the market and are a perfect match for this technology”

says Göran Malmberg, CEO of Mentice.

René Guillaume, Director Sales and Marketing at Pie Medical Imaging:

“We are proud to be the first to offer verified compatibility of our product to Mentice’s customers. Our 3mensio Vascular suite is essential for patient-specific planning of endovascular procedures. Using both 3mensio Vascular and Mentice’s VIST® will ensure every physician to be fully prepared for every procedure with the most advanced technologies.”

Mentice will be showcasing the VIST® Case-It technology at the CIRSE congress in Lisbon, Portugal from September 14-19 this year. To book a time for a demonstration, or for more information about the VIST® Case-It certification program, please contact roger.karlsson@mentice.com.
About Pie Medical Imaging 
Pie Medical Imaging BV has almost 30 years of experience in cardiovascular analysis software and is well known for its CAAS and 3mensio product lines. The company is based in Maastricht, the Netherlands, and is part of the Esaote group. Esaote S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer of ultrasound and dedicated MRI equipment. For more information visit us on www.piemedicalimaging.com.

About Mentice
Mentice is the world leader in medical vascular simulation, providing high-end simulation solutions for training, education and assessment in a wide range of disciplines. The benefits of training with Mentice solutions are validated and well documented to enhance clinical performance, reduce cost, and improve patient safety. Mentice has offices in Sweden (HQ), United States, Germany, Australia, Japan and China and more than 600 vascular simulator installations worldwide. For more information visit us on www.mentice.com.