Join us at EuroPCR 2019!

Please join us for a very exciting EuroPCR conference to see our innovative applications in action.

Our global team welcomes you to booth M5 to see the latest versions of CAAS and 3mensio.

Additionally please join us during the following sessions.


Wednesday May 22nd (Room 353)

  • 14:58 The impact of vFFR on heart team decision making: a pilot reclassification study by Dr. Mariusz Tomaniak
  • 16:30 Extended validation of a novel 3D QCA based software to calculate vFFR: the FAST EXTEND study by Dr. Joost Daemen


CAAS A-Valve qRA (videodensitometry)

Thursday May 23rd (Room 242A)

  • 10:30 – 12:00 A dedicated session on the application of video densitometry in aortic valve and mitral valve chaired by Prof. Patrick Serruys and Prof. Pedro Lemos



Visit the training room of Meril Life Sciences to learn about 3mensio CT sizing for Myval